Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tai Chi iSydney arthritis therapy , Bagua teacher

TaiChi and Bagua has been an daily part of Sifu William Ho's life for 45 years.
His Tai Chi belongs to the Yang style lineage , whilst his Bagua zhang is Cheng style via Jiang Rong Qiao ( JRQ). Master Ho classes are conducted in Mandarin , Cantonese and English . he has experience teaching people with Arthritis in Aged care facilities.

Class location :
Sydney : Belmore Park, Opp Central Station:
See Map here

Sunday 9.30am-12.30pm ( come and go anytime during these hours)

PLease call to inquire
( First trial class is free)

Mobile : 0417 275 325

Bagua is short for Baguazhang , Bagua Zhang and in the older spelling may sometimes be known as Pakua. or Paqua . Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang and Xing Yi are the 3 pillars of Chinese Taoist Soft Martial Arts collectively referred to as neijia or Chinese Internal Martial Arts. A well known Japanese internal style is Aikido while most other Japanese styles are External / Hard.

Internal Martial Arts is suitable for those who find External Martial Arts aka Hard Styles , unsuitable .
Examples of Hard / External Styles are : Karate, most Shaolin based styles, Taekwondo, Western Boxing, Krava Maga.

Unlike most External Styles, Internal styles promote health and longevity in addition to it's immediate benefit of being an '"effortless self defence ".

The best example of this can be found by looking at typical old martial arts masters who continue to pratice well into their 80's. These people tend to be from Tai Chi , Bagua or Xing Yi , not Karate or Shaolin ...who often can no longer continue practicing past age 60 due to joint damage, arthritis , slipped disc and Parkinsons caused by abuse to the body from years of practising External martial arts etc ...
Tai Chi is now recommended therapy for people with Arthrits and dementia.

It's up to you to guess why they are suffering whilst the old Tai Chi man is still moving without issues.